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REFURBISHED TaylorMade M4 3 Rescue Hybrid (19 Deg.) with Fubuki AX 400Ct Flex S Shaft

//REFURBISHED TaylorMade M4 3 Rescue Hybrid (19 Deg.) with Fubuki AX 400Ct Flex S Shaft

REFURBISHED TaylorMade M4 3 Rescue Hybrid (19 Deg.) with Fubuki AX 400Ct Flex S Shaft

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100% Authentic Product

The TaylorMade M4 Rescue replaces the TaylorMade M2 Rescue 2017 and is the more forgiving offering of the current range.

The generous rounded head has a deep centre of gravity in order to provide an easier launch and the sole has been redesigned to make this possible. The Geocoustic section that was recessed into the toe on the M2 is now more central and towards the read of the M4 Rescue

On the inside, two weight pads are positioned either side of the centre to spread the weight and increase the MOI of the head to make it more forgiving.

Like the M4 fairway, the Speed Pocket slot on the sole has been made longer in order to increase ball speed from the face, especially on those low face strikes which hybrids will encounter.

The M4 Rescue steel crown has a thinner metal area than the M2 and it is now silver instead of white which gives it a classier look.

It sits very well at address with a nice rounded shape and is verging on being a mini-fairway compared to the sleeker TaylorMade M3 Rescue.

The deeper head and larger Speed Pocket show that the M4 is really a different type of club to the M3 Rescue as I found out when I took them both on Trackman.

The M4 Rescue has a similar ball speed to the M3, but with much higher spin it was not quite as long for the same loft.

The M4 is predominantly a get out of trouble and easy to hit hybrid than the M3, which is more about precision and shot making, so the decision should be more about the type of club that you want than distance.

There is no adjustability on the M4 and you still have the fixed Fluted Hosel that saves weight and gives the M4 Rescue a solid look and feel.

The M4 Rescue sounds and feels a lot better than the M2 2017 Rescue, which didn’t look like it had got as much love in the design process as the driver and fairway last time round.

This may still be the case with the M4 Rescue, but the love it did get delivers more and even the stock Fujikura Atmos Red shaft gives the feeling of a better quality hybrid this time round. For high single figure players and upwards who just want a simple, easy to use hybrid, then the M4 Rescue is worth adding to your testing list.