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Refurbished TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Futura X Putter RH 33

//Refurbished TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Futura X Putter RH 33

Refurbished TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Futura X Putter RH 33

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1 in stock

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Bought in USA 100% Authentic Guaranteed

Cameron Futura X Putter RH 33″ w/cover NICE SHAPE SCOTTY GRIP


The Futura X is made by Titleist/Scotty Cameron, and for many of you, that’s a problem. No other name in the putter industry, maybe even in the golf industry, evokes such polarizing passions. Golfers either seem to embrace all that is Club Cameron or immediately denounce his works, typically because of emotionally-based reasons. This polarization represents a problem.

The problem is that whenever a new Cameron putter rolls into the market, some golfers will instantly love it, while others will instantly hate it; with neither one of the camps actually taking time to roll it before making a decision. When we were young, we all learned to take a bite of a new food before we made our decision about liking it, and yet, we still occasionally let that toddler brain out to make uneducated decisions about golf equipment. “Try it, you may like it (or not like it” is advice that our parents gave us early, and it’s advice we should probably remember now and again.

In the case of the Scotty Cameron Futura X, if you are one who immediately denounces and dismisses all Cameron putters, rather than tasting them for yourself, you are going to miss out on rolling a pretty special mallet.


Loft: 3.5º
Lie: 70º
Length 33”
Head Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Finish: Frozen Titanium
Offset: One Shaft
Custom Lh Lengths: 33”
Custom Lie: +/-2”